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Tao Day Spa at 120 - 3900 Bayview St in Richmond, British Columbia

Tao Day Spa in 120 - 3900 Bayview St, British Columbia: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Beauty salon

Phone: +1 604-277-9821


120 - 3900 Bayview St,
Richmond, British Columbia
V7E 4R7
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Reviews about Tao Day Spa

  • Hester Lee
    2 /5
    I was very excited to try this spa and it was so hard to make an appointment. I called several months ahead and finally made an appointment close to my birthday. I even had to adjust my work schedule to accommodate for this appointment. In the beginning I was impressed. The staff was friendly and the decor was cute. Thai inspired little place. I arrived on time at 10 am for my 1 hour organic facial. I double checked with the lady at the front desk that I was indeed booked for an organic facial. She said yes and that the aesthetician will adjust it to my needs as well. Great. Sounds good to me. I was not looking for anything more than the organic facial. But anyways I wanted to proceed. I met Winnie my aesthetician and she was very nice. She’s started my facial with some cleansing and said she will see what products to use afterwards depending on how I react to the cleanser and exfoliation. I was thinking that was very precessional. But after that it went downhill from there. After the cleansing and exfoliation Winnie said that my skin was not very sensitive and that I have a few options. She mentioned the AHA and paprika treatment as well as some yam peel. All the information was over my head. Too much info that I barely understood. Neither of those options were the organic facial that I asked for. I asked about the organic facial. She said, and in her exact wording “no the organic facial would be a complete waste of money. I am very result oriented so I would not recommend it”. Ok if it’s a complete waste of money why are you offering it on the menu. I’ve had an eminence facial before elsewhere and enjoyed the regular facial. It was not a waste of money in my opinion because it was relaxing and hydration. It may not be as drastic as a enzymatic peel but I never asked for it. Winnie basically hard sold me into getting the ones she suggested. She would say oh whatever you’re comfortable with but when I said I’m comfortable with the organic facial she would not proceed with it. She would still try to say it’s much better to have the yam this and paprika this. Honestly why would you do that to the client in the middle of the facial. I’m already in the bed with 2 steps in. It’s not like I could refuse to have this facial anymore. I felt soooooo pressured and I hate that kind of sales tactic. Second thing that I hated was she wasted so much time trying to persuade me to upgrade. When I get a facial I like to relax. I don’t like to think. You’re taking the relaxation out of this process. Also you’re wasting my time just talking. So I felt like it was money wasted. Third thing that really annoyed me was she did not tell me that the facial would take longer than 60 minutes. I booked this appointment before work and timed it so that I could be at work in time with a little bit of a buffer. After all the talking and persuading and also the facial was longer according to the website, I did not leave till after 11:30am. It was over 1.5 hrs. I got out of there, drove like a maniac to my work in Burnaby and was late for work. When I’m late for work the time that I’m late for is unpaid. So who’s going to compensate for that? I had my facial yesterday and was checking to see if my skin was any better than before. I was hoping that at least all that extra money, time and hard selling was worth it. It was not. I am utterly disappointed and will never ever go back. The only reason why it was not 1 star was because of the decor. Tao day spa is very pretty and if the other staff are less pushy I am sure there’s a reason for their high review. Tao day spa. If you get to read this review I hope you could get back to me or at least tell you staff to cool down on the pushing. We will get what we are comfortable with and after that just leave it.
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About Tao Day Spa in Richmond, British Columbia

Tao Day Spa is located at 120 - 3900 Bayview St, Richmond, British Columbia.